Saturday, 21 March 2009

Duckworth-Lewis Shenanigans

What's this, a topical blog about cricket, well why not - it is reasonably important on this trip after all! So England finally won a one day game of cricket yesterday, first one for quite some time I believe. However, we couldn't do it the usual way, oh no.

For any other non cricket aficionados, the duckworth-lewis system ( is a method of calculating the winner of a one day or 20/20 game of cricket when the game is cut short, usually to bad weather or light. It involves some long winded formular and calcualtion. Anyway, the west indies coach pulled his team off the pitch believing they'd won - when actually they still neded to score one more run. By the time he realised his error, it was too dark to carry on playing, and England were declared victors. Embarassing, sure, it didn't stop us from celebrating though - I guess a win's a win.

Let's hope it doesn't come down to this 'method' on the mountain. My maths A level stats exam remains the low point of my time in education (study wise that is - tearing my trousers in two sliding down a banister a primary school was never going to be beaten for overwhelmng shame!), so I won't be offering any mathmatical support to my skipper.

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White-Pages said...

can you at least bring the calculator?