Saturday, 21 March 2009

Duckworth-Lewis Shenanigans

What's this, a topical blog about cricket, well why not - it is reasonably important on this trip after all! So England finally won a one day game of cricket yesterday, first one for quite some time I believe. However, we couldn't do it the usual way, oh no.

For any other non cricket aficionados, the duckworth-lewis system ( is a method of calculating the winner of a one day or 20/20 game of cricket when the game is cut short, usually to bad weather or light. It involves some long winded formular and calcualtion. Anyway, the west indies coach pulled his team off the pitch believing they'd won - when actually they still neded to score one more run. By the time he realised his error, it was too dark to carry on playing, and England were declared victors. Embarassing, sure, it didn't stop us from celebrating though - I guess a win's a win.

Let's hope it doesn't come down to this 'method' on the mountain. My maths A level stats exam remains the low point of my time in education (study wise that is - tearing my trousers in two sliding down a banister a primary school was never going to be beaten for overwhelmng shame!), so I won't be offering any mathmatical support to my skipper.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The excitment is building...

Had a full agenda on Saturday; with a good trim trail session, followed by two hours in the nets and then an update meeting. The excitement is really building at the moment, having never been further east than Turkey(or Tanzania - haven't got an atlas to hand) I can't wait to travel to Asia for the first time!

Trying to work hard on my bowling at present, getting there slowly, I'm trying to take in all tips and pointers from the experienced cricketers on the team. Still a fair way off the finished article, but revenge is my mind after the battering I got at the hands of a certain tenzing player in this summer's 'friendly'. No comment on the batting side of things. Deary me!

We've got a full compliment medics on the trip now, which is great, looking forward to meeting them in full. My eyes are glazing quickly after to many hours on the computer today, I'll check back in soon.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

15 weeks to go!

That may sound like plenty of time, but there's still a heck of a lot to do! Given that I found out about this trip from Kirt in March this year, 8 or so months ago, time is flying.

I'm off to buy my trekking boots tomorrow, no small purchase financially - but an essential one for part of a comfortable trip. Despite my lack of trekking experience (Wandsworth Common isn't exactly the most rugged terrain around), I recognise that taking care of my feet is going to be key, they'll be plenty of other things to worry about and I don't want to add mountain sized blisters to the list!

2008 has already been an excellent year for training. I've already done three events as part of my training programme that I probably wouldn't have considered without the Everest Test. Men's Health Survival of the Fittest (Nottingham), Merrell Mudman (Camberley) and the Grim Challenge (Aldershot - where else) have all involved cold weather, mud, water and early morning weekend starts; and I've loved every minute of the them. I have no doubt they'll continue long after this trip has finished. It's now time to really kick on in 2009.

The new year is also going to start of contacting everyone I've met in the last 30 and a bit years for donations. We recently changed one of our main sponsor's to the Lord's Taverners - a fantastic charity who not only support grass roots cricket across the UK, but also improve access to sport for children with disabilities ( Combine this with the Himalayan Trust, and the Test will be making a massive difference to communities in the UK and Nepal. Expect the call soon!

Friday, 5 December 2008

Time to get off my Blog!

Ahhh blogging. If I'm honest I've tried to stay away from this side of things as long as possible. Creative writing has never been a strength of mine, and with so many good blogs out there - from the amusing to the heartfelt - it's been easy to put to one side. However, consistent threats from Team Hillary members have finally spurred me into action (I don't have overly fond memories of knocking in cricket bats as a youngster), it's no more than I deserve after berating them at the trim trail on a weekly basis.

Things are really picking up on the fitness and cricket front now, it's amazing to see the improvement people are making with regards to fitness. I have no doubt I'll be in the best shape of my life come next April - and I expect all other Hillary team members to be also! I have to give a quick shout to Miles, who this week ran 10k for the first time ever. Given that the man's adverse to even walking 1k, I was more than impressed.

The cricket side of things is a bit more of a challenge for me. I last played regularly about 15 years ago, so there's a bit of work to do. Not to mention that I used to open the batting, and averaged about a run an over at my peak. My trusty forward defensive is not much use on the 20/20 field. Bowling, umm - enough said.

Already in my mind is that an unfortunate few aren't going to make the final 11 on the mountain, which is going to be a big disappointment for anyone. I've go to put the effort in now to ensure I'm at least an option for Glen and Jules come the final selection (don't envy your job boys).

Big weekend coming up with a team meeting and the Grim Challenge in Aldershot. That may sound like an afternoon of Xmas shopping in the 'shot to many of you, rather than an 8 mile cross country run through all sorts of cr*p. More to follow next week.

H-H-H-Hillary. Ooh Rah!